This percentage shows how accurate your character is.

Say I use an Amazon and reaches 100% accuracy, then I believe it hits all the arrows. But after I saw that I'm getting more percentage than 100%...

I need an explanation about the logic behind that in Diablo 2.


The accuracy % is your chance to get a monster and it is affected by several factors:

  • Your attack rating (AR)
  • The target's defense rating (TDR)
  • Your level (Alvl)
  • The target's level (Tlvl)

The actual formula is:

Chance to hit = 200% * {AR / (AR + TDR)} * {Alvl / (Alvl + Tlvl)}

So yes, the value displayed can go above 100%, but in reality, your hit chance is capped at a maximum of 95%, but some skills, such as guiding arrow, always hits (but can still be blocked).

Also, keep in mind this is calculated against every single monster. You may have 100% chance to hit a level 1 fallen, but your chance to hit could drop dramatically against Baal in Hell.

  • The formula isn't clear. What are exactly each one of the elements? – Fabián Dec 4 '13 at 19:22
  • @Fabián I added that in – l I Dec 4 '13 at 19:24

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