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How do you install mods for 1.5.2 since you don't have a bin folder. I've tried duplicating the 1.5.2.jar and all that, but it still doesn't work. The mod that I want to install is the "Fossils and Archaeology Revival Mod". I have a Macbook by the way.

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    Are you using the new launcher? – Billy Mailman Dec 6 '13 at 3:12

Assuming you are using the new launcher....

Find the Minecraft version you wish to use on the Forge site here. Click on "installer" to the right of the version you wish to download.

You need to run Minecraft [version] at least once in the new launcher. After you have done that, simple run the installer that you downloaded from Forge's website, and press "OK"

When running Minecraft, be sure to select the Forge profile shown below Minecraft profile editor

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