If I put two lvl1 Reduced Mana gems into same linked sockets does it mean the linked skill gets 90%+90% cost multiplier?

My build is CI and I can run max 2 auras. I was thinking if there was a way so I could run 3-4 auras.

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Support gems cannot stack with eachother, you cannot have 2 support gems that are the same affecting the 1 skill.

There are other ways to allow you to use more than 2 auras though (there are heaps of -manareserved nodes on the passive skill tree)


As per the Path of Exile wiki page on Support Gems,

However, if two copies of a support gem are linked to the same skill, only the higher level gem will be used.

So, no. Only the stronger of the two Reduced Mana gems will take effect.

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