I just installed the additional DLC packs from the Borderlands 2 GOTY edition. When I loaded my game, I got a notice that I now have some "Gearbox" branded weapons in my backpack. However, they're really low capability. For example, the damage ratings are:

11 for Gearbox Renegade Assault Rifle
11 for Gearbox Projectile Convergence SMG
41 for Gearbox Callipeen Sniper Rifle

Since I'm on my second playthrough in True Vault Hunter Mode, these weapons are useless. Should they be spec'd according to my level, and this is a glitch, or is this how they are supposed to be delivered?

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These weapons are given once to every character, and yes, they're always all level 1 weapons. The intent is supposed to be to give new characters a small boost during the very first parts of the game where you'd normally only have a single crummy pistol. They just happen to also be given to existing characters unchanged when you buy the appropriate DLC.

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