The alpha build of Elite: Dangerous doesn't appear to have a button to clear a control binding, or any indication of how to clear a control binding.

In my particular instance, I was playing with a mouse so was using the "Mouse and Keyboard" profile, which has bound my mouse to ship movements, but now I am playing with a gamepad and want to clear the mouse controls without changing my profile (since I've bound a variety of other controls since, and have already bound my gamepad).

How can I clear a control binding that has been set and reset it to nothing?

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In the particular instance in the question of unbinding the mouse, this is different from unbinding the other controls. To prevent mouse movement controlling your ship, simply change "Mouse Mode" to OFF in the control bindings screen.

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To unbind any of the other controls, you need to do the following - while the interface doesn't give any specifics on clearing control bindings, the process is straight forward;

  • Find the thing you want to unbind
  • Click it so that it prompts you to select a new binding
  • Press ESC

enter image description here

This will clear the binding and reset it back to nothing. You should note that while pressing ESC will exit the control binding screen, you must click the Apply button in order to actually save your changes on this screen first.

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