Using scenario editor, I created a town near waters and put an oil rig in waters.

When I try to delete town, now it refuses that it has station or objects using city name. It do not let me delete oil rig also in any way. I renamed oil rig also to give it separate name from city name it inherited but no success.

I have many other towns and industries in the scenario so starting a new scenario is not the best option.

Let me know if I can just delete couple of towns with oil rigs.


I'm unable to reproduce your problem in the latest release of Open TTD, 1.3.1.

Creating a body of water, neighbouring town and oil rig I see that as you say you can't remove the town because of the associated oil rig, however it is possible to remove the oil rig using the demolish (bomb) tool:

Initial setup of oil rig

Demolishing the oil rig

Deleting the town

The barren wasteland that was Gaming.SE

  • Thanks, let me try 'bomb' and revert. I will revert with my experience soon. – PShah Dec 13 '13 at 15:29
  • It worked :) I was looking for delete for rigs in same way as city has. Thanks – PShah Dec 13 '13 at 15:53

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