I won 2/3 games on a Swiss tournament but in the end I finished fourth because I have less breakpoints than the other players.

What are breakpoints and how are they calculated?

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I found the explanation on this site:

How did i earn breakpoints?

Your breakpoints are really easy to calculate.

score of your first opponent + final score of your second opponent + score of your third opponent

For example: Your first opponent has in the end a 1:2, your second opponent a 2:1 and your last opponent a 3:0 record. That would mean you have 7 (1 win, 2 loses = score 7) + 11 (2 wins, 1 lose = score 11) + 15 (3 wins = score 15) = 28 breakpoints.

That means, if your opponents are showing a good performance in their other 2 games, you are earning more breakpoints. If your opponents are leaving the tournament after the game against you or if they are just losing their games, your chance to get the second place is really low.

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