I had purchased and installed Microsoft Flight Simulator X Deluxe on my machine, but uninstalled it since I never used to play it all that much. Now I want to reinstall it, but I have the Disks but not the Key stickers. I've lost those. Is there any way to recover my CD Key? Does Windows 7 store the CD Key anywhere like in the registery or elsewhere from where I can get it back. Anything else I can do?

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You may contact Microsoft store with a purchase proof and maybe they provide you the keys. Is not a sure method (most stores doesn't allow you to re-download/re-licence content for robbery or lost) but it worth a shot.

Remember to always backup your keys in a secure place, twice.


One resource that you can use to find your lost key is Belarc Advisor. It will basically scan your computer for all the programs that you have installed and shows them in a detailed profile. This includes any CD keys that you have entered in to your computer. The website can be found here, however it is somewhat complicated to read at first glance, so don't expect it to be a cake walk.

  • Unfortunately, it does not show the CD Key I used for FSX :-(
    – Norman
    Commented Dec 17, 2013 at 4:48

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