I accidentally "purchased" 3 BF Biftas and want to permanently get rid of it and all the cars i want are expensive. So if i get two impounded and fill up my garage with crappy stolen cars and then sell those will it get rid of the unwanted BF Biftas? I tried to destroy them but when I tried to call my insurance they would show up and it was a big hassle. What should i do to permanently have the Bifta out of my garage?

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In online, the only way to permanently get rid of a car is to overwrite it in your garage. You can do this by trying to drive a car into your full garage. You will get a prompt that your garage is full and you must choose a car to replace if you want to store the car. This also works if you buy a car online with a full garage.

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    +1 and it's also worth noting that with a bit of investigation you can find some VERY good cars that spawn and you can have, that you can't buy. The Ocelot F620, for example, I drive more than any of the supercars I bought... gta.wikia.com/F620 Commented Dec 23, 2013 at 17:59

If you reach the limit on your garage and want to buy a car, you will have to overwrite some cars, or selling them. In this case, if you buy a car and overwrite the Bf Bifta, it will automatically delete it.

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