Is there a way to change what keys are mapped to secondary scrolling?

  • Press escape

  • Select Key Bindings

  • Select General

  • Change the following items:

    • Move Secondary Selector Up
    • Move Secondary Selector Down
    • Page Secondary Selector Up
    • Page Secondary Selector Down

You can add a binding by selecting Add Binding and pressing the respective key.

You can remove a binding by selecting an already set binding and pressing Backspace

In this screen you can also change the repeat rate (what happens when you hold the button.)


Edit interface.txt, changing the following entries to whatever keys you'd like:

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    I actually was able to find the answer to this on my own, even if its not the best answer, which is part of why I posted the question :) – antony.trupe Jul 13 '10 at 13:49

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