The in-game graphics settings for Sleeping Dogs appear to be rather simplistic:

enter image description here

The "Fullscreen" option toggles whether the game is fullscreen or shown in a window with a border around it. Is it possible to play Sleeping Dogs in a borderless window mode?


You can use WindowedBorderlessGaming (name unconfirmed) to force Sleeping Dogs into borderless windowed mode. It has been tested successfully for Sleeping Dogs on Windows 7. This is also the method suggeted on PCGamingWiki.

Instructions from the post on Steam forums:

  1. Run the app and start up a game.
  2. Make sure you run the game in windowed mode before adding it to the app.
  3. After you have set your game to run windowed, click the app's tray icon and select "Add window"
  4. Go back to your game and while the game window is active press "F3"
  5. Your game should now be in windowed border-less mode, your settings are saved so the app will recognize your game whenever it runs in windowed mode again and automatically set it to be borderless.
  • Ah, dangit. I was typing this up and got distracted.
    – SaintWacko
    Dec 21 '13 at 19:49

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