So, it turns out I may have murdered a few too many people and been caught a bit too often. My latest heir has gained the "Dynastic Stain" trait: enter image description here

Is this something that is permanent for my dynasty or will it go away after a few generations of being not so prone to plotting?

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Yes. It is a cumulative penalty when you're discovered. Say you're discovered 3 times, you now have a level 3 'dishonorable' trait (giving -30 to relations, etc). Each new generation lowers it by 1, so your children will start with a -2 Dynastic Stain. If they are discovered on a murder plot it transforms into a -3 dishonorable, or if they are nice and don't murder anyone, their children will have a -1 Dynastic Stain, and if they're also nice, their children will not have it.

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    I presume when you say "nice" you actually mean "smart enough to not get caught".
    – Philipp
    Commented Jan 1, 2015 at 20:54

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