I have this PS3 that I would like to use for playing but also see some bluray movies... but I also have a nice Tv.

I'm wondering if someone could provide me some info about what kind of hardware should I have in order to have those some 5.1 columns for TV + PS3 so that, whateaver a 5.1 is available I could have it.

Can I have your help for this, sort of, general question?

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    generic answer, get a decent to good receiver that has HDMI pass-through
    – Xantec
    Commented Jan 16, 2011 at 20:15

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You need 2 new pieces of hardware:

  • (rather obvious) A speakerset with 5 boxes and a subwoofer that you can connect to a receiver
  • A so-called 5.1 receiver. You can get this starting at about $200, but more expensive usually means more features and better quality

You then have 2 different options to connect:

  1. HDMI Cable: if your receiver has HDMI passthrough you can connect a HDMI cable from your PS3 to it and then a HDMI cable from your receiver to your TV. This also enables 7.1 but won't work with PS2 titles.
  2. A optical cable: a more common way. Make sure to select only the audio-output formats your receiver supports

How to configure your PS3 can be found on the playstation manuals site


My PS3 feeds my TV via HDMI, and the TV has a fiber-optic output that runs to my 5.1 amplifier.

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