The type of armor (in this case, I don't mean the material, but whether it is a helmet, chestplate, leggings, or boots) helps determine the number of armor points that the equipped armor adds. Is the armor type also taken into account in determining how effective an enchantment is?

For example, say you have Blast Protection IV on a pair of boots; will that enchantment negate more damage from explosions if instead placed on a chestplate?

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    Dec 22, 2013 at 11:32

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No. Every enchantment has the same effect regardless of the armor piece. Protection enchantments are added together and taken as an aggregate, not per armor piece. Protection IV gives the same level of protection on boots as it does on a chestpiece. Therefore, it doesn't matter.


protection IV protects th same on all armor pieces. There are some speciel enchantments wich can only be found on boots for example.

Boots: Featherfalling
Leggings: non special
Chestplate: non special
Helmet: aqua affinity, respiration

enter image description here

taken from: Minecraft Wiki enchanting

Edit: zoom in to see the picture :) (hold ctrl+scroll mousewheel

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