This is terrible. Almost every lobby I join is hacked, especially on S&D and F4A. Yesterday they reset all my custom classes, setting a smoke grenade as my primary weapon.

Is there any way to report hackers in MW2 so they get banned, or at least get a warning?

I'm on a PlayStation 3 system, by the way.

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Unfortunately, since the fall out between Infinity Ward and Activision and the release of Black Ops, support for MW2 is non-existent. You can contact Robert Bowling via twitter but it fall on deaf ears.

I have recently started playing MW2 again and noticed that every other lobby I joined has been modified in some way.

The best way to avoid hackers it just to back out of the lobby as soon as possible. I have been lucky that they have not messed with any of my game settings...

You can also register a complaint with Sony support about the users who were hosting hacked lobbies

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