I married Sylgja before I had my own home (I know her clothes aren't all that appealing but console commands yo) and I left my alternate armor sets in the chest at the foot of her bed.

Later I had her move into Honeyside in Riften with me but when I returned for my other armor at her old house (after LOTS of important quests, mind you), it was all gone and there was just a ruby and some gold in the chest.

I want to know if all of my gear is gone forever or if there's a place in my home, her home, or, well, anywhere, where I can get it back.


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Sylgja's house is not on the list of safe container locations provided by UESP or The Elderscrolls Wikia. This unfortunately means that your items are likely to have been lost forever when the container reset. Irritating when she is your spouse, but apparently an oversight by Bethesday.

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