I logged in for Realms Alpha but the Realms icon is not appearing. Why?

  • Do you have access to the Realms Alpha? This is also tricky to answer as Alpha software is typically not widely available and out of the scope of the site. – Michael Frank Dec 24 '13 at 11:38
  • 1
    @MichaelFrank If you can buy access to it, it is not out of scope for the site. – Arperum Dec 24 '13 at 12:20
  • @Arperum fair enough. Where can you buy access? I'd like to check it out. :D – Michael Frank Dec 24 '13 at 19:25

You must have access to Realms Alpha to have the button enabled. If you don't have it, the button will simply disappear. To get it, ask someone with a Realm to invite you to theirs and then you can join their Realm via the button which will only appear if you have access to Realms Alpha.

Source: I tried logging in with my other account without Realms and the button wasn't there.

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