I'm currently trying to breed to get a shiny Espurr for my friend, but I'm using an Espurr that i caught myself, and an Eevee from Japan. Will the Masuda method still work with two totally different Pokemon, besides Ditto? I'm only at 93 eggs so far, but I just want to be sure my work isn't in vain. Thanks!

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The Masuda method for breeding shiny Pokémon will work with any combination of pokémon, provided the two are from different regions (which in your specific case they are).

Ditto are a popular choice for the "other region" Pokémon because they can breed with anything (that can breed) without having to worry about egg groups.


Technicly, you can't get shiny pokemon(or in this case espurr while breeding with ditto, even if the ditto is french or japenese or even spanish(yes i did get one).

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