Error message received:

The Sims 3 Unable to start game Service initialization failed (0x0175dcbb)

I go to my games on Origin and click play on The Sims 3. I have no expansions downloaded onto my computer yet, and am just trying to run the base for now. When I press play, it gives me the registration code and tells me the game will open in an outside launcher. Then, I get the blue screen with the plumbob and then the said error message appears.

I've uninstalled and reinstalled Origin, and I tried deleting the contents from my The Sims 3 folder, but there are only two things there that continuously reappear when I try to launch the game, always receiving the error message. Please help!

enter image description here

System Information:

  • OS X version: 10.8.5
  • Processor: 2.3 GHz Intel Core i7
  • Memory: 34 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
  • Graphics Processor: Intel HD Graphics 4000 384 MB

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have you tried to check all the files Origin installed?
right click on the game and press on "verify game data". Origin will restore destroyed files if it finds any

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