Where can I find an updated list of Sony Playstation 3 games that fully supports Move.

With fully I mean games that has been developed with Move in mind.

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Going to Sony's Move site and filtering (near bottom of the screen) to only show games with Move Required (and not Move compatible), should give a fairly good list.

Only problem is that it seems to be only SCEE games... So does Sony only promote their Move-only games or are they the only ones available as of today? I didn't find non-Sony Move-only games on Amazon, so it seems the latter is correct.


Wikipedia has special category for PlayStation Move-only games. The list is available here.

Apparently, at this moment almost all games come from SCEE, though I skimmed through the list and found one 3rd party title - Time Crisis: Razing Storm from Namco.


This playstation blog site posting has links to all the games in the list. This is the one I'm using to decide if I want the Move :) : here

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