I was testing out my PS4 on Christmas with Knack, when i tried to view my trophies it wouldn't show me any unless i was online.

I remember this happening with the PS3 when they changed how Trophies worked and i had to switch them from Online Mode to Offline Mode to view them without a net connection. i also know that on my PSVita i could view my PS3 Trophies as well but only in Online Mode so i'm assuming the PS4 is using a similar system to what the Vita used for trophies since you can view PS3 and Vita Trophies as well.

Thing is, it was ages ago i did the mode switch on my PS3 and the Vita it's like a separate tab at the top which doesn't work if your not online. i can't remember what setting i had to alter on my PS3 and i can't seem to find anything option like that on the PS4.

So i am wondering How can i switch PS4 Trophies to Offline Mode?

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There is no way to do it (at least for now). You are required to be online to view trophies. Quote:

The PlayStation 4 will not allow users to look at their Trophies or Friends lists when the console is offline, Polygon has learned using a retail unit received for review purposes.

The PS4 still doesn't sync Trophies in the background — every time you load up your list of virtual accomplishments, the console takes a moment to sync with Sony's servers. Perhaps because of that, you can't view your Trophies list if you're not connected to the internet. On PS3, you can scroll through your Trophies whenever you want, and you can sync them the next time you're online. You can definitely earn Trophies while playing PS4 games offline, but if you try to look at your list when you've disabled the console's internet connection, you'll get the following error message: "[Connect to the Internet] is turned off. (NW-31484-0)"

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