Do chests appear randomly, or are they rewarded after you achieve specific things? What achievements? The odd distribution (I've gotten 8 Fire Breather masks, and only one of most of them) hints that it isn't random.

  • The ten rings are Infinite Loop, Angel Wings, Twisted Root, Floating Island, Sky Clasp, Demon Claw, Ruby Shard, Caves Maw, Mystic Rocks, and Idol's Curse.

  • The ten masks are Fire Breather, Infinite Seeker, Traveling Tiki, Skyward Scream, Serpent's Smile, Silent Menace, Jade Monster, The Gatekeeper, Demon Skull, and Face of the Idol

  • The five Christmas artifacts are Candy Cane, Stocking, Holly, Present, and Wreath.

Also, have you ever opened more than one chest per run? I ask because all this work to reach Level 10 is making me kill myself after I grab a chest.


I asked support@imangistudios.com the question, and here is their answer.

Chests are indeed random. You can only get one per run.

  • They do seem to be biased towards limited-time artifacts while they're in season, though. – a cat Apr 18 '14 at 16:51

Here is some information to reconcile the other answers, which appear to be in conflict:

  1. You can only grab one chest per run
  2. Chests will continue to appear until you have successfully grabbed a chest

That is, if you do not successfully jump to grab a chest, other chests may still appear. If you miss those chests also, they may continue to appear. But once you jump and get a chest, no more will appear that run.

So if you are trying to accumulate artifacts, you may consider intentionally dying after grabbing a chest and then starting a fresh run to get another chance at an artifact. On the other hand, for a long, high-scoring run, once you grab a chest, you can continue knowing that the future power ups are now more likely to be useful ones (boost, coin magnet, etc.)


You can't get more in one run.

I know this for a fact because I got sky clasp in the beginning of a run, then ran for another 38,000 meters, and got no more. But, if you miss the artifact it will show up again.

  • This is a poor line of reasoning. Source: I just ran 46000 until I saw my first artifact, and frequently don't see one until about 30000. – Bill Trok Apr 25 '14 at 8:55

I have got more than one chest in a run. The masks, and all other prizes in the chests, are completely random. Unfortunately, they don't do anything. Except the Christmas prizes let you wear a santa hat. Woo-pee.

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