When my GPU is on its native monitor resolution, 1920x1080, the max refresh rate I can get is 60 hertz, but when I change the resolution to 1024x768, I can get 120 hertz. I am playing CS:GO on the Benq XL2420TEm which supports 144 Hz.

Is there any way I can change my monitor's resolution to 1024x768 and the refresh rate to 120 Hz when I start the game?

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    can't you just set 1024*768 @120Hz manually in the game? If you do it once, it should normally keep the settings and apply them each time you open the game – Novarg Dec 31 '13 at 10:29
  • If your monitor advertises a maximum display rate, it is a physical restraint. You can make your game run faster, but it won't do anything. Think of it like this. Your monitor is grabbing an image every 1/60 of a second. Your computer generates an image every 1/120 of a second. While your PC draws more frames, every second frame is over-written BEFORE the monitor grabs it. Most monitors set at around 50-60 as it is debated whether anything past 30 will make a difference. – user106385 Jun 9 '15 at 2:47

By default, CS GO uses your desktop's refresh rate. If you set it to 144 in your video card's control panel you don't have to set it again.

Changing the resolution and refresh rate via command line is fairly easy. Put this in the field when you right-click on your game in Steam -> Properties -> Set launch options...

-w 1024 -h 768 -refresh 144

This will set the resolution to 1024 * 768 pixels and the refresh rate to 144 Hz. If you want to use 120 Hz just change that part accordingly. (-refresh 120)

What does this command line do? Pretty much self-explaining:

  • -w *number* defines the screen width (in pixels)
  • -h *number* defines the screen height (in pixels)
  • -refresh *number* (-freq works too) defines the refresh rate (in Hertz)

To force a particular program to launch with user defined properties like in Counter Strike, you can set the desired parameters in Set launch options.

Open Steam, right-click Counter Strike, then go to Properties. Search for Set launch options and type -freq (desired refresh rate) like -freq 75.

I am not sure if you can set resolution along with refresh rate. If so, add it to the launch options; otherwise just set manually the resolution as desired from the video options, which is also permanent as said earlier.

To add more parameters in set launch see this .

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