My current game of Skyrim has been augmented with the Bandolier mod – a mod that allows you to craft leather pouches, bags, and belts that increase your carrying capacity. Items appear to be equipped by body region, but I am having trouble figuring out which items go where and what items are or not mutually exclusive.

So my question is somewhat twofold: which Bandolier items can be worn together at once, and of them which combination provides the biggest carry bonus?

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This Link has explained it quite nicely, you may take a look. It Says, There are 7 new slots for the equipment: Chest, Back Left, Back Right, Front Left, Front Right, Left Side and Right Side. Different items can be quipped into different slots, so you can combine up to 7 different pieces.

The items give you extra carry weight:

Small pouches - 25

Satchels, box pouches and bags - 50

Bandolier - 75

Large bandolier - 100

To see which slots the items are, using and how you can combine the items, there are screenshots given.

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