I lost focus of my craft on the orbit map and I'm flying far away from any celestial bodies that I can focus. I have to plan a maneuver but a single pixel on my current flight path represents a couple of hours of flight time since I cannot get a good angle on in. Is there any way to regain focus on my craft like i can click on Kerbal or Minmus for instance.


You can use the backspace key to focus on your current ship. This should reset the zoom level as well as the position.

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    Does this still work? I tried it but backspace did nothing – David says Reinstate Monica Jan 2 '17 at 17:38
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    This doesn't work for me either, as reported by David. – Joeppie May 4 '17 at 21:27
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    it is now ~ (the tilde key) – Hooray Im Helping Mar 26 '19 at 12:59

As of May the 4th (the time of my checking and verifying), the key used to focus the active vessel is the back quote: ` .

(That is the key next to the 1 on the US keyboard layout)

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/KerbalAcademy/comments/5k5ne5/how_to_focus_the_map_on_the_active_vessel_in_121/


They changed it to ` (also the ~ key). It's the button to the left one the 1 key on the number line.


The easiest way I know of is to go through the tracking station if the ship isn't actually the active ship. If it is the active ship, the way I typically return (which may not be the best way) is to increase time warp to the first level, focus on the sun, and then use Shift+Tab to get back to the ship. A couple of notes on this: first is that if you have maneuver nodes, they'll be focused first, keep hitting Shift+Tab, and second, the time warp is so that you don't throttle your engine up.


Double-left-clicking on your ship will change the focus to it, without changing anything else.

  • Somehow this does not work. I can switch focus to other objects that can be focused by double clicking. – Madmenyo Jan 6 '14 at 7:07
  • @MennoGouw Hmm... weird. It works for me. – The Guy with The Hat Jan 6 '14 at 12:21

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