Is there any way to assign all permissions to a certain group without doing it individually? I want to make it so that on my Bukkit server, Head Admin and over have all commands automatically and no need for OP.


After the permissions rework, this is not possible without the use of an external permissions mod.

However, I'd like to note that this is NOT a good idea. In fact, this is why the ability to give the * permission was removed in the rework.

Some plugins will use permissions not as a way to enable commands but as a way to enable certain features, which you may not want. I could for instance make a permission like antiCheat.user.preventFlying that would stop anyone with the permission from flying. This would be desirable for ordinary users but potentially undesirable for admins.

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    Fun fact, the * node only gives permissions to players IF that permission is located in the plugin.yml file of each plugin. So for example the anticheat node you gave, the * node will not be affected since anticheat does not list antiCheat.user.preventFlying in the plugin.yml inside the antiCheat.jar – aman207 Feb 3 '14 at 23:58
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    @aman207 My information is a little bit outdated and was never that in-depth to begin with. Thanks for the addendum :) – Schism Feb 4 '14 at 20:02

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