Sometimes when I do something that would cause an autosave (loot a chest, pick up a feather, accept a mission), the game silently quits, no errors messages or anything. My PC has a quadcore CPU.


This is a known issue with AC2 running on multicore CPUs. If you suffer from this bug, you need to set the game's CPU affinity to limit it to 2 cores. To do so, open the task manager after launching the game, find AssassinsCreedIIGame.exe in the task manager's processes tab right click it, click on Set affinity and uncheck all but 2 items in the list.

You can also launch the game with the correct affinity settings set every time by creating a custom shortcut. Make a shortcut to AssassinsCreedIIGame.exe, then edit its target to be C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /c start /affinity 5 AssassinsCreedIIGame.exe (/affinity 5 sets CPU affinity to CPU 0 + CPU 2).

If the issue persists, or if you are encountering it on a dualcore system, you can set CPU affinity to only 1 core; in this case replace /affinity 5 with /affinity 1 or /affinity 2 in your shortcut if you choose to make one.

  • This is a known issue with AC2 running on multicore CPUs. You mean "CPUs with more than 2 cores", right? As far as I know, multicore CPUs are the minimum required to play the even older AC1. – Nolonar Jan 6 '14 at 17:50
  • @Nolonar possibly, I haven't tried running AC2 on every multicore CPU on the market. I'm pretty sure no game requires a multicore CPU, though running a single core at clocks necessary for some games may require custom hardware and liquid nitrogen cooling or better. – kotekzot Jan 6 '14 at 18:05

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