Since the native OUYA controllers unfortunately lack force feedback, I'd like to buy either a wired or wireless XBOX360 or PS3 controller (or any other that I can then use on both the OUYA and my PC). But before I waste money on something that costs me my summer vacation to get working (if it's possible at all), I'd like to know:

  • Which controllers (wireless or not) do connect to the OUYA without much of a hassle? It is not necessary that they work as OUYA-controller as long as Mupen64Plus (and preferably the other emulators available in the OUYA store) supports them. I know this point makes the question rather broad, so please disregard it if you object, but consider the following still
  • How to setup Mupen64Plus with a controller that provides force feedback such that the N64 rumble functions are available? (Maybe this part is trivial once you got a fitting controller working, in which case I'll accept a simple "My [such-and-such] controller worked fine by using the setting [rumble-on]")

I know this question is old but I did find an answer so ... According to Mupen64plus Bug Tracker OUYA's response to their initial submission is "there is no vibration support".

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  • Thanks, sounds about right. My OUYA's collecting dust anyway... – Zommuter Jan 8 '18 at 22:10

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