There are three achievements for each ship; you start with the TYPE A layout, and when you have completed two of the three achievements, you unlock the type TYPE B layout for that ship.

If you are trying to get the third ship achievement (just for the sake of completeness), can you use the TYPE B layout to do so, or can achievements only be won with the "default" TYPE A layout?


Ship achievements can be won using the TYPE B layout.

In addition, if you already completed a ship achievement on Easy mode, you can complete either of the two old achievements again on Normal.

Source: Testing in a personal play-through.

Here you can see the Red-Tail (the secondary layout of The Kestrel Cruiser) with only one HP remaining on the hull...

FTL - Red-Tail before repair

...and then earning the Tough Little Ship achievement when it is repaired.

FTL - Red-Tail after repair, with "Tough Little Ship" achievement

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