Where do you find or get your tf_server_identity_account_id in Team Fortress 2? I need it not to complete achievements, but to remove the error that said invalid account id.


You can get the tf_server_identity_account_id (along with the tf_server_identity_token) from your Team Fortress 2 Client (Game). Just open the game on your local computer and follow the steps below.

To clarify, this is only needed if you're running a TF2 Server.

From the Steam Knowledge Base:

  • Sign onto Steam using the user account that you want to associate the server(s) with.
  • Launch the Team Fortress 2 client.
  • Execute the console command: cl_gameserver_create_identity
  • You should see output in your console similar to this:
    ] cl_gameserver_create_identity
    Request to retrieve owned game server accounts--please wait. 
    Game server account created successfully!
    Set these convars on your game server to have it log in and receive benefits:     
    tf_server_identity_account_id nnnnnn
    tf_server_identity_token "xxxxx"
  • Take the last two lines and paste them into your \tf\cfg\server.cfg config file.

I fixed this problem by changing the tf_server_account_id to default.

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