I just started a new Minecraft world with the MineColonies mod and I stumbled across something I've never seen before.

enter image description here

A bunch of woolen buildings resembling igloos. They all appear to be empty.

enter image description here

Neither the Minecraft wiki nor the Minecolony* wiki appear to list anything about it.

Why are these buildings here?

*Minecolony is the abandoned predecessor of the recently undertaken MineColonies incarnation. MineColonies does not appear to have a separate wiki, so I used Minecolony's.

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I believe these are chicken coups but I am not quite sure... I have seen that building before and it had lots of chickens in it. I have also seen in a few videos that this building had chickens and they called it a chicken coup.

  • I don't doubt this could be the case, but could you link some sort of confirmation (official or otherwise) of this? I haven't seen any chickens Commented Jan 13, 2014 at 16:33

This looks like the Barbarian encampment to me without the barbarians. Also other Youtubers have re-used the designs and buildings to store livestock such as chickens.

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