If I do a journey that's < 155 miles land distance, but the ferry distance is > 155 miles, will I get a long driving XP bonus for doing more than 155 miles?


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I did an experiment, but I couldn't find such a short route. Here's what I chose:enter image description here

It's 511km on land and 370km by ferry, which of course come together as 881km after I attached the trailer:enter image description here

And here's the job completed screen with the reward details: enter image description here

My base reward was €15,813, long distance bonus €1,421, which is 8.9%, in terms of XP: base 516, long distance 129 (25%).

My ranking screen: enter image description here

This cargo qualifies for rank 2, because the distance is more than 350km, but less than 850km. I should get 10% extra money and 25% extra XP, which I almost got (8.9% and 25%). If the calculation included the ferry distance, I would've qualified for rank 3, meaning 15% extra money, which I clearly didn't get.


Ferry distance does not count toward the journey distance when calculating your reward. Only on your gps.


Yes, it does and it sometimes is discouraging when you see a high amount of hours that you have to drive.

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