I'm looking at a Hardware RAID enclosure (like this) for my Wii U. I would like to use external storage so I can fit more games on it, but would like RAID 1 (mirroring) to protect my data since the Wii U's method of "backing up" (manually, game-by-game copying save data in a multi-step process) is far too involved to do on a regular basis.

But I've never used a RAID setup like this before--will it be read just like a single disk and therefore work on a Wii U? Or does this require some drivers normally present on a computer operating system or not? Does it depend on device or are all hardware RAID enclosures usable on a Wii U? I know it will need external power (or 2 USB ports for power) but I'm not sure how the Wii U will treat a hardware RAID'd device.

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That depends on RAID implementation for a device. From the specs of this specific device it seems that it's hardware configured using DIP switches and doesn't requeres any drivers, specifically

Supporting OS:

The H212 is OS independent and will work with any OS that supports USB host devices.

That means that it looks like a regular drive to device that is using it. So, unless there is no specific incompatibility the device should work fine with Wii U.

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