I know that I can use larger soul stones to increase the amount, but it only goes so far. How do I get more? I do not have any DLC other than Hearthfire.

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    With a Grand soul, 100 levels in enchanting, and the appropriate perks you can get a 40% fortify archer per item. This can be further increased with fortify enchanting potions. – Colin D Jan 17 '14 at 21:01

First, there is no real answer because of the fortify restoration glitch. This glitch allows abnormally large numbers when enchanting. However, there are some general tips for increasing your enchanting abilities.

First, make sure to use grand soul gems or black soul gems. Either one works for the highest level enchantments, and should be filled with a grand soul for maximum results.

You should increase your enchanting ability up to level 100. You can do this by training with an enchanting trainer, or do it through experience.

You should also increase your alchemy to 100, since you can use fortify enchanting potions to also increase your enchanting ability.

Of course, to get better fortify enchanting potions, you should wear clothing items (Falmer Helmet/head/hands/ring/necklace) that are enchanted to give fortify alchemy bonuses.

There is a loop created here that can be repeated a few times, before increased results are diminished to zero.

  1. Enchant +Alchemy clothing.
  2. Wear +Alchemy clothing, create +Enchanting potions
  3. Drink +Enchanting potions.
  4. Repeat.

Eventually, the numbers stop going up, and you have your best +Alchemy clothes. Use those enchanted clothing items (5 total: Falmer Helmet+Head+Hands+Ring+Necklace) to make your best +Enchanting potions, and you are ready to create your best +Archery enchanted gear.

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