I've already defeated the Big Bug.

I see the hint that the small bugs disguised as cursors are vulnerable to the three words "Charity", "Uganda", and "Bram".

I think I have all keys available, I've tried undoing with the bugs on the three words, I've tried motions which include the three words in their range, I have each of the three words stored in a named register, but I haven't figured out how to defeat the three small bug minions underground in Level 14 of Vim Adventures.

I suspect I should have defeated them before defeating Big Bug, maybe even before finding 'undo'. Is there instead something I should do in the 'lorem' buffer where I found the three cursors (Blue, White, and Pink) at the beginning of the level?

How does one defeat the three small bug minions in Level 14?


I emailed the game's creator. I quote his response below:

Actually, you already have everything you need. You already know the words that they are vulnerable to, you just have to use them in a command such as / or ?. You have to make sure that they are in the range of the command and that the command actually moves the cursor so that the bugs are within the range.

So if you're using ?Charity for example, you need to be somewhere at the bottom of the text so that the range will be big enough to include the bug (try any one of the three and if it's not the one, try one of the others). In addition, if 'Charity' is not a part of the text due to the use of undo or redo you have to fix that first.

These bugs are exactly like all the other bugs, only their vulnerability isn't written on their back.

I can confirm that this solution worked for me.

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