I am playing as a gnome conjurer in EverQuest II. This is my second character on this account, so I got the option of starting in Kelethin. I am trying to fast-track citizenship in Kelethin so that I can get a house and store stuff there.

I have completed Learning Faerlie so that I can talk to the necessary NPCs, and I have a reputation of 40 000 with Kelethin. According to both Considering Kelethin and Kelethin: Citizenship I need to speak to Gibrien Marsden to start the respective quest (before going to the Fae Royal Hall to speak to one of two NPCs there - I cannot access them at the moment).

However, when I speak to Gibrien, he asks me about changing citizenship. And offers me the choice of changing to Qeynos or Freeport. He does not offer me dialog options to get on the Kelethin citizenship track.

Is it possible that I am already a citizen? If so, how do I confirm this?

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It turns out that gnomes start as citizens of Kelethin, which includes being able to buy houses. (Found out by trying to buy one anyway.)

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