I want to make a simple one-bit storage to check if someone else entered my house. For the person detector, I use the magic plate from thaumcraft. But how can I build a circuit memory which changes it's state if it was triggered and keeps it until an reset button is pressed? I would prefer to use redpower gates or something similar instead of bare redstone to keep it more compact.


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What you're looking for is called a RS latch. You can build this with vanilla components like so:

RS latch

With the pressure plate powering one side of the input, and the "reset button" powering the other.

Or, since you are running a version of the FTB pack that still has RedPower2, you can use the RedPower2 RS latch. It's up to you on how you want to wire it (obviously the wiring is much simpler with RedPower2).


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