How do I (using vi commands) get to a space character that is not on the same line as I am on? I need to get to the space character that is marked by the red "2" in one key sequence.

enter image description here

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    Never played vim-adventures, but it appears that '4j' will get you from the 'n' to the space 4 characters below. – ken.ganong Jan 24 '14 at 17:29
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    ken.ganong had an awesome suggestion. 4j will move you down 4 times. You can then use 0 to go to the beginning of the line. From there it's pretty much the same thing. I'm stuck on square 5 trying to get to 6 though... If you got though this and managed to land on square 6 I'd love to know how... – Frito Feb 14 '14 at 1:22
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    I just figured it out. One thing that stumped me for the longest time is that you can use the numbers along with the $ command. I hope that helps anyone else looking at this. – Frito Feb 14 '14 at 1:47
  • Step 0: First you need to remember the search for [space], this will save on one keystroke later on


  • Step 1: To start over with the search remembered


  • Step 2: to move down 4 times


  • Step 3: to go to the beginning of the line


  • Step 4: to move up 2 times


  • Step 5: to move 3 words forward


  • Step 6: to the very end


  • Step 7: to search for backwards remembered at step 0


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    How do you get back to the n in don't once the key appears? – Luke Imhoff Jun 22 '14 at 19:52
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    For instance: 8b f[space] 5k – Ilya Kharlamov Jun 22 '14 at 21:42
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    @IlyaKharlamov I'm stuck here too but every time I try to use a number (eg 4j) I get "I don't have the 4 button". How did you activate number prefixes? – Julian Feb 20 '15 at 22:15
  • @Julian You've got to find it. It's somewhere around (In the hous e or in the bushes, don't remember exacly). – Ilya Kharlamov Feb 21 '15 at 16:15
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    User "Caio Abe" says: "instead of 99e you could use 4$ as an alternative too" – Fabian Röling Feb 15 '18 at 8:19

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