I know how to give points using scoreboard when a player gets wood, /scoreboard objectives add Wood stat.mineBlock.17 PointsWood, and I know how to give points with scoreboard when stone is mined, /scoreboard objectives add Stone stat.mineBlock.1 PointsStone. But what if I want the points in the same variable to increase if you mine wood AND if you mine stone? Is there any way?


Make the testing command block that tests for if the player has 1 of the stone/wood stat (/testfor @a[score_wood_min=1,score_wood=1]), put a comparator facing outwards from the block and put two more command blocks after the comparator, one that removes the score from the wood/stone stat, and another one that adds 1 to the final variable (/scoreboard players add @a[score_wood_min=1,score_wood=1] PointsWoodStone 1).

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