I know how to give points using scoreboard when a player gets wood, /scoreboard objectives add Wood stat.mineBlock.17 PointsWood, and I know how to give points with scoreboard when stone is mined, /scoreboard objectives add Stone stat.mineBlock.1 PointsStone. But what if I want the points in the same variable to increase if you mine wood AND if you mine stone? Is there any way?

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Make the testing command block that tests for if the player has 1 of the stone/wood stat (/testfor @a[score_wood_min=1,score_wood=1]), put a comparator facing outwards from the block and put two more command blocks after the comparator, one that removes the score from the wood/stone stat, and another one that adds 1 to the final variable (/scoreboard players add @a[score_wood_min=1,score_wood=1] PointsWoodStone 1).


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