I'm just starting out in Minecraft Pocket Edition, and I can't figure out how to get a pickaxe. How do I make a pickaxe?

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To craft a pickaxe in Pocket Edition, you're going to first need to punch some trees. Get at least 3 or 4 logs, then go into your crafting menu (hit the "..." in your inventory, then tap "Craft") and craft these into planks. You're going to want to make a crafting table and a set of sticks as well. Place the crafting table, and just tap it to use it. From here, you should be able to craft a wooden pickaxe with 3 wooden planks and 2 sticks.

Crafting menu showing a pickaxe.

For more crafting recipes, check out this guide for a complete list.

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YOU only get hoe's and swords in creative mode In survival you first must chop down trees craft the wood into planks then create Some sticks then a crafting table go to tools you should be able to Make a pick axe


Collect some wood go to a crafting table and use any block diamond,gold,iron,stone or wood then you will see a pick axe icon on the screen click it and you will have a pickaxe


In order to make a pickaxe in Minecraft PE you must first have a crafting table.

  1. Turn two pieces of wood into wood planks and creating crafting table.
  2. Place your crafting table down somewhere.
  3. Gather more wood and turn them into sticks. (You will need 2-4 sticks and wood planks to build the top 'pick' part of the pickaxe.

With that pickaxe you can mine cobblestone and build a cobblestone pickaxe using basically the same instructions.

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Well, you have to get wood and make sticks on the crafting table. If you go to the weapons spot you'll see that there is a wood pickaxe. Is white spelling. That is how you make a wood pickaxe.

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