Seriously, a building can cost 30K bits but I only make 50 per minute. It will take me 10 hours of mindless grinding just to purchase that one building.

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Ask another pony to work so you can make the second thing in a shop - like bread. And don't forget to raise both Bon Bon and Twilight to full star, especially Twilight because when she'll be a princess she has to be a five-star pony. Build more shop, complete quest and save them. Don't use bits for decoration, except if it's a quest and complete quests that has bits as reward.

Hope that help. :) (Pinkie's big grin and Fluttershy's soft sweet smile)


It seems from the Pony Website that there are four major ways to get coins, gems can only be bought or earned through quests.

  • Quests can give you coins
  • collecting from certain buildings
  • Helping out a friend
  • Mini-games

It seems that the apple game and the flying game earn you the most coins per minute. The full guide is on the website.

Flying Game

enter image description here

Pictures from the Guide listed above.

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