I wanted to buy a CronusMAX but this is not clear for me. The main goal is to share multiple controllers between an XBox360 and an XBox One.

Can i use an USB hub and plug multiple wired (XB1) controllers on an XBox 360? Can i use multiple keyboards and mouses with a hub? Can i use multiple wireless XBox360 controller on an XBox One using an Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver? (It support multiple controllers on OSX and Win)


From what it looks like you can't use multiple wireless controllers through CronusMAX at once. Although it does look like you can use one CronusMAX in addition to 3 normal controllers.

This provides information regarding non-hub controller support , but the original link does state that you can only use one controller through the adapter at once. So I'm going to say you can only use one.

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