Every time I try to load dead space 3 on my PC, the game will start, the screen goes black, etc. But after about 2-3 seconds of loading, the game instantly crashes. I have searched around for a solution for quite a while but can't seem to find anything, I've tried reinstalling multiple times without any luck. Are there any workarounds for this? Is it a known issue?


Sounds like your save file is corrupted, since reinstalling keeps the save files intact it does not change anything. I sorry but I think you will have to restart the game.


To anyone that has a joystick or any accessories: just unplug it.

  • Is this an answer to the question? Can you expand on this? Did this help you? – Joachim Feb 27 at 18:33

Have you made any updates regarding the graphics card driver or something similar? If not I think you should remove every data related to the game and reinstall it all over again.

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