I'd like to create a secondary set of armor to use while soloing that improves my DPS without requiring me to switch specs. Some of the protection spells require dodge or parry to proc, and I know dodge / parry also increases my critical strike chance due to Riposte, but I'm still curious if I could improve my DPS by replacing dodge or parry with Critical Strike or Haste anyway?

  • Any increase to your crit/mastery should increase your dps provided you are not entirely eliminating the other stats, but why do you not want to switch specs? with a macro you can equip an entire set of gear and change your spec, all with a single click – Wayne Weibel Feb 17 '14 at 20:59
  • @WayneWeibel Don't even need a macro, WoW has built in gear-sets now. ^^ – Jon Feb 19 '14 at 16:00
  • Yeah, but you can use a macro to automate switching both the gear set and the active spec with a single click - instead of going into the character UI and talent windows to do it. – Wayne Weibel Feb 19 '14 at 16:42

Your DPS would go up, offcourse, but your tankiness will go down. So ask yourself, are you running instances (dungeons, raids,...) in the role of a tank, then why do you need more dps? If you are doing quests solo, just change to fury or arms (I advise fury). It is that much quicker to level.


A TL;DR answer is YES.

Actually a tank specification with dps gear set is still valuable when leveling - it makes you not so easy to die, gives you the ability to pull multiple mobs to make questing more effective.

However at max level, I strongly do not recommend you do so because it will make you weaker as a tank in dungeons or raids. As to solo some old raid... I have to say warrior is really not a good class for soloing because of lack of healing spells. If you like solo, hunter or death knight might be good choices.

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