The Pokebank is now available in the European region & Australia.

I've downloaded the application from the Nintendo e-shop, but when I ran it I only received an option for a gift of Pokemiles or Battle Points.

How do I claim the Celebi gift?


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Note that this Celebi event has ended, thus is no longer obtainable as a prize from Pokebank.

Original instructions:

You will receive Celebi the SECOND time you run the Pokebank.

The steps I took were:

  • Ran the Pokebank for the first time, agreed to the terms & free trial
  • Chose a gift option (choice between Battle Points & Pokemiles)
  • Transferred some Pokémon to the Bank
  • Went and claimed the Battle Points from the Pokemon Start Menu 'Link Gift' option (screenshot below)
  • Loaded & Saved the game
  • Quit and went back into the Pokebank
  • Received Celebi

I am not sure if you need to transfer Pokemon or simply close and reopen the Pokebank in order to receive Celebi According to a few different reports you don't need to transfer Pokemon at all, just close and reopen the Pokebank - but those are the steps I took.

Pokemon link option on the main menu: Pokemon link option on the main menu

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