Is it possible to use a recruiting officer on a non-residential level to get dream jobs? I've filled ever dream job slot except for the Livestock Exchange, and now that they raised the price of filling an empty apartment, it's a LOT harder to get those dream jobs. If I had a spare residential level, I could use it to hold extras and swap them in, but I don't have one of those either, so I'm kinda screwed otherwise.

Barring that, is there any GOOD way to fill those missing dream jobs?


I'm fairly certain that you can ONLY use a recruiting officer on a residential level. When I've tried to send them anywhere else, they merely get off the elevator and do nothing.

  • Can confirm. Recruiting officer does nothing on non-residential levels. – Will F Feb 7 '14 at 15:38

2 additional residential levels have been added to the game, update as of 2/7/2014. I believe you can utilize these 2 levels as spare residential level, to swap dream job citizens in.

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