I'd like to be able to add my own notes and comments to locations in Skyrim - for example "There's a bandit leader here whom I couldn't kill yet - come back later to finish the job". How can I do that? Mods are an option.

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There is a mod that allows it indeed, you can download it from here:


The features list:

  • You can place your own markers with your own, self-written notes attached to them.
  • Up to 60 custom markers (if you want more, it's easy to add more in Creation Kit).
  • You can fast travel to your markers.
  • You can edit and remove your markers.
  • Works with SkyUi's Location Finder.
  • First line of your note become a marker name (displayed on the map and in Location Finder).
  • English and Polish localizations.

As you see, it is only available in English or Polish so this might conflict if your game is in a different language. However, you can instruct Steam to change the language of the game in the game's properties menu.

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