Each time I go through the quest Season Unending, I think I have chosen the neutral route (I even followed a walkthrough on one occasion outcome was score 3-3), but after I finish the main quest, kill Alduin, and start clearing bandits from forts and so on, some are taken over by Imperials and I have to start making large detours in order not to kill them. I don’t want to play the civil war, I just want both factions to treat me as neutral so I can pass through their forts and camps.

I have never killed a member of either faction. I have no civil war mods in my game. I don’t want to play the civil war. Before Season Unending I can walk into any camps without any problems, But after Season Unending I am called Unblooded by some of the Stormcloaks and if I approach an Imperial camp they draw their swords and say things like "you're trespassing get away or else" or words to that effect.

I have been informed by other players that after Season Unending they can still walk through any civil war faction’s camp or forts, but I can’t.

I was hoping for a console command to set things neutral again even if that changes who owns which city. Can anyone help?


On console the only way to do so is NOT doing the quest line otherwise i think you'll need to find a console command to reset that.

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