There are five debuffs that exist in TF2 (that I can think of at the moment, that are player-caused and not Fear). They are:

  • On Fire: you take damage over time.
  • Jarate: You take Mini-Crit damage.
  • Bleeding: Damage over time but not Fire.
  • Milked: Getting hit causes the person hitting you to be healed.
  • Marked For Death: Mini-Crits that are not Jarate-inflicted

Now, say someone was unlucky enough to have all four of these effects on them at the same time. Which of them would stack/interact with one another?

To be more specific:

  • Would Fire or Bleeding do more damage to a Marked-For-Death or Jarate'd individual?
  • Would a Milked individual provide constant health to the player who caused them to burn/bleed?
  • Would the same Milked person provide more health while under the effects of Jarate or a Mark For death?
  • Do these stacking effects change depending on the item that inflicted them? (Self-inflicted Marked-For-Death of Heavy/Soldier, vs. the Scout's Fan of War, or being hit by a Scout's Guillotine vs. a scout hitting himself with the Boston Basher).

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All the debuffs stack except for Marked for Death and Jarate (as they both provide mini-crits). Now for your bullet-point questions:

  • Mini-crit fire (both Jarate and Marked for Death) deals one more point of fire damage (4 if you're not using the Degreaser, 3 if you are).
  • Fire and bleed damage would indeed heal if their target is currently Milked.
  • As recovery off of Milked is based off of damage dealt, the health recovered off mini-crit damage would increase (you would recover 2 health rather than 1 as your fire/bleed damage does 4 damage rather than 3).
  • Debuffs do not differ in magnitude depending on the weapon that applied them, so these stacking effects would not change.

P.S. Credit to Powerlord for providing assistance and knowledge


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