Alien Hive is an Android/iOS puzzle game.
I have played around 10 times per 15-30 minutes, spent few hours in total, but the best achievement was x5 and two hives. I'm so far from unlocking even the first alien, that I'm starting to think, that it's impossible to open them in a hundred of years without paying money.

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I have unlocked 3 supreme aliens thus far. For each of them I had to use about 20-23 magic fruit to evolve the eggs,babys,etc fast enough within the energy limit. So it's just a matter of farming fruits for several runs and some gold to buy them if necessary. Bot killer is also useful.

Once you evolve a supreme alien, it is unlocked as a power-up in the roulette before playing.

They also have levels, but still couldn't find out how to level-up them.

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